September 14, 1015 Downshifting - annaday

September 14, 1015 Downshifting

I am giving up on the work -life balance life!

Tomorrow I will start my last week of working. It doesn't feel like a responsible adult thing to do. Rob and I plan to travel, play and explore our country and in a few months other lands. We have shared over the years our desires to live a more simple life (eating in, no cable, inexpensive cars, smaller living space) so we can travel for an extended time together. 

We are practicing "Downshifting". Downshifters  believe that an excessive pursuit of money and materialism comes at a substantial cost to their own lives and to the lives of their families.

I have a great job and  work with amazing people. The benefits are excellent and I must admit I've had several doubts about the logic of this decision.  Recently I read an excellent article; from the Northwest Earth Institute. It discussed reasons people may work. They included to earn  money, to give us a sense of security, tradition, enjoyment, duty,  service, learn, prestige and status, power, socializing, personal growth, success, creativity and fulfillment, time structuring.  I've worked for all of these reasons, off and on since I was 11 years old. Separating myself from full time employment is terrifying. These many "purposes" I've found in working will be filled in other ways.  I plan to learn to pursue a lifestyle that is more deliberate and meaningful, terrifying as it may feel right now. This quote by Andre Gide is one I will focus on this week "One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore".